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Tired of going to the trouble of searching for and starting up your favorite idle game? Wish it would simply start it self up on its own when you leave the keyboard? WELL NOW YOU CAN! With, Mini Fish Screensaver Idle! Simply download, install, and let the fun begin!
Every time you leave the keyboard, you will be accompanied by soothing underwater sounds, and a beautiful aquarium. Watch as your aquarium levels up and expands in population, as well as biodiversity.
Collect up 25 different slots for fish and over 50 different species of marine life! The best part is, you'll never get bored of your dull aquarium with the same old fish, since there will be different fish in your aquarium every time you visit! Now I know what you are thinking, 'This is amazing! What vast amounts of money must I pay to the developer in exchange for this stupendous screensaver?', well today is your lucky day, because Mini Fish Screensaver Idle is a big Z-E-R-O dollars! You heard me, IT'S FREE!

Download Mini Fish Screensaver Idle now by simply clicking this link!

Also, if you are for any reason unable to install Mini Fish Screensaver Idle, you can also play it online here.

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